Conference goal and objectives

Goal:Increasing efficiency of innovation activity in solving current problems of modern aviation and stimulating scientific activity of young scientists.


  • assessment of the current state and development of innovative technologies in modern aircraft problem solving;
  • drawing attention to the problems of manned and unmanned aviation;
  • formation of a modern outlook on the prospects of aviation science and technology development.

Conference sections

Aircraft and Power Plants

Section Chairs:

Kotovsky V.N., Dr.Tech.Sc., prof. (MSTU CA, RF)
Zhelannikov A.I., Dr.Tech.Sc., prof., Professor (TsAGI)
Evdokimov A.I., Dr.Tech.Sc., prof. (UEC, RF)

Information-analytical and robotic systems and complexes

Section Chairs:

Buravlev A.I., Dr.Tech.Sc., prof. (46 TsNII)
Miropolsky F.P., Dr.Tech.Sc., prof. (RARAN)
Vetoshkin V.M., Dr.Tech.Sc., prof. (EMNS)

Control and navigation systems

Section Chairs:

Bukov V.N., Dr.Tech.Sc., prof. (JSCRI, RF)
Kulifeev Y.B., Dr.Tech.Sc., prof. (Ass. VVIA, RF)
Chernodarov A.V., Dr.Tech.Sc., prof. (EMNS)

Perspective onboard radio electronic systems and complexes

Section Chairs:

Merkulov V.I., Dr.Tech.Sc., prof. (VEGA Concern)
Kozlov A.I., Dr.Tech.Sc., prof. (MSTU CA, RF)
Vasilyev O.V., Dr.Tech.Sc., prof. (MANS, RF)

Aviation power engineering

Section Chairs:

Khalyutin S.P., Dr.Tech.Sc., prof. (MSTU CA, RF)
Levin A.V., Dr.Tech.Sc., prof. (EMNS)
Musin S.M., Dr.Tech.Sc., prof. (4 CRI. RF)

"Air navigation and aviation technology maintenance

Section Chairs:

Chinyuchin Y.M., Dr.Tech.Sc., prof. (MSTU CA, RF)
Kuznetsov S.V., Dr.Tech.Sc., prof. (MSTU CA, RF)
Nechaev E.E., Dr.Tech.Sc., prof. (MSTU CA, RF)

Appeal of the VVIA Veterans Council

Dear participants, of the XVIII annual Technical Scientific Conference on Aviation devoted to the memory of N.E. Zhukovsky!

We, veterans of the Air Force Engineering Academy (VVIA) named after Professor N.E. Zhukovsky, welcome the beginning of your work and wish you interesting reports, deep memorable discussions and significant scientific results!

"Father of Russian aviation" – Professor N.E. Zhukovsky (1847 – 1921) by his selfless work laid the foundations of modern aviation research and engineering education in Russia. He organized the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (1918) and the Institute of engineers of the Red Air Fleet (1920), which later became an internationally recognized military aviation University - Air Force Engineering Academy named after Professor N.E. Zhukovsky.