Appeal of the VVIA Veterans Council

Dear participants, of the XVIII annual Technical Scientific Conference on Aviation devoted to the memory of N.E. Zhukovsky!

We, veterans of the Air Force Engineering Academy (VVIA) named after Professor N.E. Zhukovsky, welcome the beginning of your work and wish you interesting reports, deep memorable discussions and significant scientific results!

"Father of Russian aviation" – Professor N.E. Zhukovsky (1847 – 1921) by his selfless work laid the foundations of modern aviation research and engineering education in Russia. He organized the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (1918) and the Institute of engineers of the Red Air Fleet (1920), which later became an internationally recognized military aviation University - Air Force Engineering Academy named after Professor N.E. Zhukovsky.

The world glory of the Academy is due to the high professional authority of its faculty staff and the greatest theoretical and practical achievements of scientific teams recognized by the world aviation and space community. High efficiency of results of scientific work of colleagues, pupils and followers of scientific and pedagogical schools of the VVIA named after Professor N.E. Zhukovsky was repeatedly confirmed in the 20th century not only during the great Patriotic War and other armed conflicts, but also by peaceful achievements in the field of civil aviation and the space industry.

The most important result of the huge, almost 100-year-old efforts of the scientific and pedagogical aviation school of our country was the creation of an effectively functioning network-centric system of training highly qualified technical, engineering, flight and scientific and pedagogical personnel distributed over a huge territory until recently. This system included dozens of civil and military aerospace schools, colleges, universities and centers. Each element of this network had its own value for the general aviation business, being a source of often unique new, as well as traditional, knowledge, breakthrough (critical) technologies and the most advanced training techniques.

We, veterans of the VVIA named after Professor N.E. Zhukovsky, hope that you, the participants of the Conference, in your reports, speeches and discussions, will rightly continue the glorious traditions of Russian aviation science, which were laid down in the works of our great compatriot, Professor N.E. Zhukovsky and his students. It is on your shoulders that the most important state task of reviving the system of scientific research and training of highly qualified personnel for Russian aviation lies. It is you who will need to instill in the younger generation of air force specialists the skills to create advanced theories, solve complex scientific problems, put forward bold ideas that lead to results that increase the country's defense capability. You have to find new directions in the development of aviation science, create new knowledge, develop and protect them, transfer this knowledge to young professionals and scientists for their application in practice.

We wish you health, interesting creative discussions, success in scientific achievements.

The VVIA named after Professor N.E. Zhukovsky Veterans Council